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We are a large family here at Singapore Top Immigration. We treat our customers like friends. We value excellent customer service and ensure our customers feel welcome. If you've had negative encounters with other firms, we differ from them. There isn't a public gimmick like declaring outstanding achievement to attract customers to us. Talk to us.

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How to Be Distinctive in a Crowd

In Singapore, there are 1.3 million foreigners. How can we attract the remaining foreigners? How can I get the ICA officer's attention? Your EP/ SP is not enough to support your work for Singapore by sending the essential documentation.

At AFPrS, we use tried-and-true techniques to make your application stand out.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the pioneers in establishing Permanent Resident and Citizenship consultancy firms in Singapore. With over 15 years of experience in Singapore immigration matters, there is no room for errors in providing guidance and consultancy to our clients in successfully obtaining a PR status in Singapore.

One might wish to become a Singaporean citizen and permanent resident for a variety of reasons. As a developed nation with a high level of living, you may notice that you have the possibility to explore options that were not available to you in other countries, such as work offers or the chance to fulfil the educational needs of your family. Don't allow opportunities to pass you by without considering the numerous advantages that permanent residency in Singapore might provide.

AFPrS can help you meet the goals of obtaining a Singapore PR status or citizenship in the quickest way possible. Many say applying for Permanent Resident in Singapore is an arduous task. Dealing with an experienced PR consultancy firm like us can change this approach.

How can I locate a trustworthy PR application company in Singapore?

You have undoubtedly looked online in search of the answer. Several others have indeed given you advice on how to choose the best one, but we'll share our ideas below.

comprehensive documentation

A trustworthy PR application agency has to be registered since it provides a public service. Choose a reputable consultancy firm that has thorough business documentation and is transparent in its services. It is also essential to consider the agency's qualifications, including any awards and compliance with Singapore's corporate regulations.

extensive experience

In Singapore, there have been several modifications to how PR applications are processed. With the aid of an expert agency, you will be given clear instructions on how to present your application so that it is more appealing to the ICA's eyes and is thus successful.


Since PR application agencies are in the service industry, their amiability and flexibility are essential. It's time to look for a new PR application agency if your current one is anything than client-focused.

Seasoned Track Record

The process of obtaining a PR status in Singapore is quite a hassle. Only a seasoned PR consultancy firm understands the hectic process one goes through to present their PR application to the ICA. Take the opportunity to woo the eyes of ICA to your PR application by hiring our seasoned consultants. They have an excellent track record of over 15 years of collective experience in Singapore immigration matters.

Eligibility Guidance

Often, applicants are confused about eligibility criteria while applying for a PR application in Singapore. This is understandable as eligibility criteria may vary under certain circumstances. The confusion of eligibility leads to a messy application process and extends it. Take the help of our PR application consultancy firm to get a clear picture and stay updated on the changing eligibility terms of the ICA.

We take our client's PR matters seriously and provide services in a time-efficient manner. We do this by eradicating unnecessary steps and focusing only on the process and papers that ICA wants to see.

Our top officials include ex-ICA and ex-Ministry officials that prepare our clients to professionally present their Singapore PR application giving them an edge over the competition and increasing the chances of approval for PR status in Singapore.


Great Service!

“Amazing and prompt service offered by Paul Immigrations! I was pleased with the exceptional service provided by them. The staff are very courteous and professional! After just 6 months my PR application was approved.”

Rajesh Muthusamy / Software Developer


“Paul Immigrations Pte Ltd has professional experience in guiding families for successful (Singapore) PR applications. I did try several times in last 10 years and was not successful. I went to Paul Immigrations last time and me & my family get PR applications approved. Thank you very much to Paul Immigrations for the professional service.”

Arumugam S / Quality Assurance Manager


“We are very happy that Paul Immigrations helped us to obtain the Singapore PR successfully. This enable our entire family to be united and live in Singapore together. We are very satisfied by Paul Immigrations’ services. The consultant is very thoughtful and attentive and helped us applied for Singapore PR successfully. We will definitely introduce our friends whom want to apply for Singapore PR to Paul Immigrations’ service. We highly recommend the public or anyone who wants to apply for Singapore PR to seek help from Paul Immigrations.”

Yvonne Chong / Housewife


“Live out your dreams and chase unique opportunities. Navigate to our contact page for advice and guidance on the Singapore PR process, Citizenship application, and Appeal services.”

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