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As one of the top financial centres in Asia, Singapore attracts hundreds of foreigners to make the city-state their permanent home. In addition, the high quality of life and political stability are significant factors influencing foreigners’ decisions. However, in late 2009, Singapore reinforced their immigration laws to control the number of quality immigrants in the country. This made obtaining a PR status in Singapore more challenging, which is evident by the fact that PR in Singapore constitutes only 12% of the total population in 2020.

We know that the rejection rate for candidates who independently apply for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status is between 90 and 95 per cent. That rejection can occur for various reasons, including incomplete applications, a lack of supporting documentation, weak personal statements, etc. We know it might be frustrating for you because ICA withholds the reason for rejection.

What choices do you have now if your Singapore PR application is rejected?

Option 1 is to reapply at least six months following the rejection date.

Option 2: If you can show significant developments, we can try to submit an appeal to the ICA within two months, even though you have six months from the date of refusal.

Applicants who desire to reapply or appeal the original rejection must demonstrate considerable development or changes in their profiles to succeed. It becomes difficult for applicants since they have little to no policy awareness, and they usually feel like they’re making their Singapore PR applications in the dark.

We ensure that every customer has all the knowledge they want before making their next move as industry experts with relevant policy experience.

Should I Appeal or Reapply After PR Rejection?

To answer this question, you should know the difference between an appeal and a reapplication for personal residency. An appeal is initiated within six months from the date recorded on your rejection notice. At the same time, reapplication can be initiated only after the six months period has passed.

You should appeal your PR Rejection if: –

  1. Your conditions have significantly changed after the rejection of your original PR application. For example, acquiring a reputable certificate from a local university.
  2. Failed to add notable accomplishments or contributions in the original application.

The consideration for significant changes is relatively high, leading to less acceptance of PR appeals.

On the other hand, you can opt for reapplication of PR application if:-

  1. You can wait for six months before reapplying for your PR application.
  2. Want to use a less stressful approach.
  3. Take the initiative to improve your credentials.

It should be noted that an appeal or reapplication may be rejected again if there are no changes to your credentials. This puts your PR application at a higher risk, as only 10% make it past the meticulous approval process.

AFPrS uses its expertise in immigration policy to work with your Permanent Resident status rejection. We will help our clients in making a choice between an appeal or reapplication and offer our guidance throughout the process. Working with us will help you streamline your PR application process and make the necessary arrangement for you to become a Permanent resident in Singapore.

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