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Similar to applying for permanent residency, opting to become a Singaporean citizen is never an easy choice because it involves understanding all of the legal ramifications that go along with it. Our staff can provide detailed advice on your possibilities of obtaining Singaporean citizenship, the procedures involved in applying, and the consequences of changing countries, thanks to our team’s understanding of the Singapore Citizenship Act and immigration rules. As immigration specialists, we help you manage the whole application procedure to get the desired result without dealing with the overwhelming paperwork required.

The screening requirements for Singapore Citizenship are examined more closely than Singapore PR Applications. Due to various economic and social considerations, the government is even pickier when considering candidates as it is a small country. Getting a Singaporean passport may be famously challenging. This is particularly true for spouses of Singaporean citizens who are Permanent Residents because there is no assurance that they would be granted citizenship even after applying.

We come across a lot of candidates who have made independent attempts to become Singapore citizens but have been rejected. Rejection can occur for a variety of reasons, including incomplete forms, inadequate supporting documentation, poor profiles, etc. We recognise that this may be frustrating for you because ICA does not reveal the reason for rejection due to the complicated evaluation standards and competitive quota structure.

AFPrS draw on the knowledge of its experienced team members to help you with your Singapore citizenship application. This increases the likelihood of success and lessens the hassle of preparing the documents while juggling your busy work schedule.

Singapore citizenship application approval

1) Through the consultation phase, we will assist by

  • Performing a complete Profile Assessment
  • Offer a personal consultation
  • provide profile-enhancing information
  • Inform of any policy modifications

Each of these is crucial in creating the framework for your application so that we can develop the next stage and ensure you have a robust documents package.

2) Initiation of Service

Once you have decided to work with AFPrS on your Singapore citizenship application, we will get started on your case and advise you of the schedule and any crucial information required to finish and improve your documentation package. Additionally, it will enable us to submit your application on time. We’ll fill you in on:

  • Important dates that require your attention
  • Participate in a Free Financial Health Review
  • Providing a comprehensive document index
  • Make plans to get the paperwork required for your social integration activities.

3) Gathering, Reviewing, and Preparing Documents

This is the foundation of the practical work AFPrS performs for our clients. To analyse and produce the essential material for a solid and error-free documents package that is in line with current government standards, we use devoted and experienced professionals for each case. At this point, we will work directly with you to ensure that every document you provide complies with federal requirements. We will take the initiative to:

  • Plan each situation based on your unique profile.
  • Perform a thorough document inspection before submitting
  • Take care of all paperwork procedures
  • Manage complicated and unique immigration issues as necessary
  • if required, expedite cases involving electronic submissions

4) Documents Submission & Handover

The document expert assigned to you will carefully review the package after all the preparations are complete to ensure that the information provided is as accurate as possible. This contains the application forms and any required and supplementary materials we will submit.

At this time, we will also inform the customers of any new regulations or market developments that may impact their application. Their cases wouldn’t move on to the actual submission until customers are happy and the paperwork is complete. The submission is made through ICA’s e-SS (e-Service Submission).

5) Post Submission Advice

We uphold our promise to totally guide you through your process from start to finish as immigration experts. We will keep offering expert counsel and insights after submitting your application for Singapore citizenship. While your application is still being reviewed, should ICA or any other government body seek additional criteria, we would be prepared to help. While your filed application is still in the assessment stage, we will also list all customers’ key papers that need an immediate update to ICA.

If the results are favourable, we will work with you to complete the ICA approval requirements when the results are known. Before you formally become a Singaporean, you must complete them promptly and correctly. We will also be here to help you if any extensions are needed.

If an application is denied, we will extensively consult with the client to determine the reasons why before evaluating if the client would benefit from filing an appeal. If your current profile holds a lot of attraction, we will collaborate with you to plan the best course of action.

The steps involved in acquiring a successful Singapore citizenship can be a hassle without the proper guidance. The eligibility criteria for Singapore citizenship are stricter compared to permanent residency. Keeping this in mind, it is our duty to handle our client’s application, supporting documents, eligibility criteria and application outcome to obtain Singapore citizenship quickly.

We stay updated on the latest ICA terms and conditions and immigration regulations. Our policy experts will assist in refining your application in accordance with the ICA to obtain Singaporean status successfully.

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