Why Should I Engage Your Consultancy Firm When I can Do It On My Own?

Least effort, maximum results

An application is not what is seems – form filling, ensuring relevant documents are translated etc. There are easily more than 10 different aspects of your entire profile that the Government will assess and there is also a handful of additional ones unbeknownst to the general public as they were only implemented late 2019. Through our connections and vast knowledge, we are able to recommend you different agencies and/or organisations to contribute both time and effort as part of your case-building for PR/Citizenship application. No time wasted on trying to figure out which would be the best fit for your profile. We will also provide viable solutions to every assessible aspect of your life here in Singapore that are within the sights of consideration of the reviewing authorities. These strategic solutions will ensure yours and/or your family’s profile is/are cleverly angled to showcase its fullest potential to the reviewing authorities where necessary. Strategizing is key in your case-building process and that is what we do best. Do not leave an important matter like your PR/Citizenship application to chance.

Surety of documents quality, safekeeping and application procedures

The combined vast knowledge we have accumulated through the years enables our team to ensure every client’s documents package will always be 100% according to the requirements of the reviewing authorities. Through technology, we have gone paperless and all clients have ease of access to their own cases via our secured portal. All documents are also stored securely in our system and private network – an absolutely necessary but surprisingly uncommon practice in the industry.

Our Document Controllers are kept updated of all latest changes to the platform/system and in turn able to ensure that your final application is not set up for any surprises during submission that may negatively impact the final result as we are constantly – think every day – utilizing the submission portals.

Practical time commitment, unrushed submission, fuss-free and honest

Our personalized service ensures all clients, with their own sets of commitments, are able to adhere to a workable timeline that promises an unrushed submission that remains as fuss-free as possible. Paperwork is kept to a minimum and we exercise great flexibility with clients to minimise physical meetups if and where necessary which then translates to minimal disruption to their schedules. Marketing gimmicks are aplenty out there – quick submissions, high percentages of approval, mind-boggling number of client cases handled, paid actors for approved clients photo-taking/videos, paid/coerced reviews on FB/Google, over-promising during consultations and offering of eye-popping discounts at every turn. We do not resort to these unscrupulous methods. We are different.

I am a work permit holder, am I eligible to apply for PR?

Work permit holders areforeign workers from approved source countries working in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process or services sector and are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for PR. However, we are able to assist you in via a Sponsored scheme if you are married to a Singapore citizen or permanent resident (PR). Contact us if so!

Is there a guarantee of results?

Our mission is to put our clients’ best foot forward through an all-rounded application that touches on all areas the Government will look into. However, the ultimate decision lies in the last phase of screening by ICA and if the applicant fits into the quota and/or industry requirements at the point of time. There are several phases in the screening process and we are able to give guarantees for most of them. Contact us to know more!

What is the percentage of success for my application then? There are firms promising or stating 90% to 99% chance of approval.

Every case we handle is different in its own unique way and we will never approach them with a one-size-fits-all method. Thus, we will explain your current chances and improved chances via us, after we have a good look at your entire profile through the consultation.

Please also note that we are here for the long term and one of our main beliefs is to conduct our business in an honest way. Therefore, we do not resort to grossly inflated and shady sales tactics to bring in the dough. Over here at The Immigration People, we are simply different in a fantastic way. Make that appointment with us today and you will thank us for it later. This we can definitely guarantee.

I/we have been to other agencies and we find the prices quoted vastly different. To make matters worse, prices quoted seem to be proportionate to the salaries!

As mentioned, we are here for the long term and we strictly adhere to our internal pricing guidelines. We do not overcharge and underdeliver. We charge for the amount of work to be done and not the thickness of your pay cheque.

Every single case is meticulously handled by us for at least a year with the assignment of a Documents Controller and Consultant for the entire service period. The number of manhours put in and sheer amount of work done/to be done are actually justifiable reasons for much higher quotes but we promise the best for less. Simply because we are The Immigration People.

I understand that I will need to provide details of my SingPass for submission and my digital documents are also in your possession. How secure are your systems and also your promise of data protection?

Over here at The Immigration People, we bring with us past experiences with ideas worth adopting and also countless negative ones we steer clear of. We have a strong and experienced team of IT engineers who ensure our systems and servers are kept strictly private and ultra-secure. We are also legally bonded to agreements made with our clients as those stem from our partnering law firm. Never risk your data! There are countless companies in the market who do not secure your sensitive information and are not legally bonded to agreements made with you. Head down for your consultation and learn about our systems. You will look no further in selecting your trusted immigration partner.