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Rajesh Muthusamy, 32 PR application approved in 6 months
India, Software Developer

“Amazing and prompt service offered by Paul Immigrations! I was pleased with the exceptional service provided by them. The staff are very courteous and professional! After just 6 months my PR application was approved.”

Zhang Hao, 43 | PR application approved in 5 months
China, Researcher

“Thank you Paul Immigrations for helping my family to have successfully obtain our Singapore PR approval the first time we apply. The staff at Paul Immigrations has a very good attitude and ardently help us in PR application process preparation. The staff patiently help us to solve the problems we face; thus, our whole family is grateful that our Singapore PR got approved within 5 months. With the approval, it solved the problem of our child’s education issue and enable our family to live in Singapore more conveniently.”

Agarwal Gupta, 50 PR application approved in 7 months
India, Operations Manager

“I’m so glad to have Singapore PR from Paul Immigrations. They help us a lot through the process of applying for Singapore PR. We are so happy to corporate with them. The team is friendly and know their process like the back of their hand.”

Yvonne Chong, 33 PR application approved in 6 months
Malaysia, Housewife

“We are very happy that Paul Immigrations helped us to obtain the Singapore PR successfully. This enable our entire family to be united and live in Singapore together. We are very satisfied by Paul Immigrations’ services. The consultant is very thoughtful and attentive and helped us applied for Singapore PR successfully. We will definitely introduce our friends whom want to apply for Singapore PR to Paul Immigrations’ service. We highly recommend the public or anyone who wants to apply for Singapore PR to seek help from Paul Immigrations.”

Arumugam S, 48 | PR application approved in 5 months
India, Quality Assurance Manager

“Paul Immigrations Pte Ltd has professional experience in guiding families for successful (Singapore) PR applications. I did try several times in last 10 years and was not successful. I went to Paul Immigrations last time and me & my family get PR applications approved. Thank you very much to Paul Immigrations for the professional service.”