Can Covid-19 Improve or Worsen Your Chances of Getting Permanent Residence in Singapore?

Though it may seem like an unfavourable time to apply for Permanent Residence, not just in Singapore but anywhere in the world right now, you may be surprised to hear that this pandemic can in fact lead to higher chances of getting so!

1. Changes to Application Processing Time?
2. No Quota Changes for New PR’s
3. No Better Time to Apply than Now

Factors that affect your PR Application

Changes to application processing time?

Since the start of Covid-19, the Singapore government’s resources have been employed to restrict the spread of the virus in the national community. This has therefore, resulted in a longer processing time for PR applications now. However, foreigners still remain as a substantial driving force of Singapore’s economy, and thus, the applications to approve new PRs and Citizens still continue to be processed today, unlike in some other nations where such have been fully restricted temporarily.

No Quota Change for New PRs!

The immigration quotas for Singapore in 2020 and 2021 have already been imposed in advance, as the Singaporean Government always plans forward. Hence, in order to supplement the nation’s falling birth rate, Singapore currently still aims to welcome a similar, if not the same, number of new Singapore PRs & Singapore Citizens as of previous years.

No Better Time to Apply than now!

Many foreigners are currently hesitant to apply due to the negative impacts of Covid on the Singapore economy and from the visible uncertainties in employment. Consequently, with fewer people applying now, you actually stand a much higher chance of attaining your Singapore PR, as there is simply substantially less competition for you now!

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