About Us


The Immigration People was started by like-minded professionals who are fervent supporters of immigration matters in Singapore.

It takes delight in delivering the best to showcase every client’s best to the Government. If a jet runs on fuel, TIP runs on customer satisfaction and results. Besides bringing Singapore closer to it’s clients, it also aims to be the most conducive organisation for all staff under its wings in terms of career progression and lifelong learning. A company that will never succumb to the clutches of a wearisome, monotonous work culture but will always strive to be at the forefront of companies with the best practices.


Mission Of The Immigration People (TIP)

The Immigration People (TIP) mission is to Bring Singapore Closer to all our clients through successful immigration to our country. This is done via our tested and proven method of profile angling which encompasses a highly personalized, customized approach to every case in bid to put our client's best foot forward in their application.


Powerful Team Of Individuals

We are an extremely powerful team of individuals put together to bring the best, personalized service to all of our clients. Our wide range of network enables us to see through each case by providing an incredible number of avenues to turn to for whatever matters that may arise. Need a TIP how can a company be filled with go-getters with immense knowledge in Singapore immigration, past experiences in the Government service, years of client servicing know-hows paired with the warmness and strong sense of ownership? Look at us.