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Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) Application

Global Investor Program Business GIP

Applying for  citizenship in Singapore isn't as easy as filling up a form. There's a long lost of things that can go wrong for individuals and businesses. At apply for pr, we have been accessing our client's PR applications for years, and we know exactly how to help you start your new life in Singapore!

What's Holding You Back? Applying Difficulty?

There are 5 main problems our clients experience when applying for PR in Singapore. Throughout the procedure of apply for permanent residence from downloading and filling up forms, as well as submitting to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), the journey is plagued with potential errors. The smallest mistakes can cost you everything, which is why it's critical to entrust your application to the experts! Business owners can use the GIP scheme.

Some Important Step for successful PR Applicants: You need the right PR Documents or Company Sponsorship

Strict Policies Singapore

ICA is bombarded with numerous pr applications daily, and hence this greatly reduced the chances of approval dramatically. Thankfully, we know what are the qualities that ICA is looking for in a potential Permanent Resident. You search is over!

Complex Process

No need to read, fill up and submit the application by yourself? Other companies won't guarantee an approval. We specialize in guiding our clients through the Singapore permanent resident pr applying process, using our years of experience and submit your GIP scheme documents on your behalf.

Language Barriers

Our team of experts will help you download the correct forms in your preferred language, ensuring your writing during applying is legible and your PR substantiation information is clear and accurate. With 100,000 other expats wing for permanent residency status no need to worry.

Confusing Paperwork

Our team of experts will help you download the correct forms in your preferred language, ensuring your writing is legible and your permanent resident information is clear and accurate. With 100,000 other expats wing for permanent residency status applying will be tough.

ICA e-PR System

The new update was meant to make an applicant's application easier, however, if you were to make any minor mistake in your submission, your profile will be rejected. No need to worry, avoid all mistakes as our applying specialist will be submitting the GIP scheme application on your behalf.

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We’ll help you plan and strategize the apply for permanent residence process accordingly, expediting GIP scheme e-PP submissions when needed. We follow a simple, proven process that has been responsible for countless successful Singapore PR applications. You could be next! Read how our easy process works:

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Rajesh Muthusamy, 32 PR application approved in 6 months
India, Software Developer

“Amazing and prompt service offered by Paul Immigrations! I was pleased with the exceptional service provided by them. The staff are very courteous and professional! After just 6 months my PR application was approved.”

Zhang Hao, 43 | PR application approved in 5 months
China, Researcher

“Thank you Paul Immigrations for helping my family to have successfully obtain our Singapore PR approval the first time we apply. The staff at Paul Immigrations has a very good attitude and ardently help us in PR application process preparation. The staff patiently help us to solve the problems we face; thus, our whole family is grateful that our Singapore PR got approved within 5 months. With the approval, it solved the problem of our child’s education issue and enable our family to live in Singapore more conveniently.”